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ARS National Services Inc

Contact Information:
201 W Grand Ave.
Escondido, CA

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Are you receiving unwanted, repeated calls and letters from ARS National Services also know as Associated Recovery Systems?  Please review the information below to find out more about this well known debt collector or fill out the free fair debt collection consultation form for help to stop the calls and letters from ARS National Services!

A Fair Debt Collection Practice Act AttorneysFair Debt Collection Practices Act Attorney could help you stop the phone calls and letters from ARS National Services even if you do owe the debt! Don’t put up with debt collector abuse from ARS National Services, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and State Debt Collection Laws could help you stop the harassment and you could be entitled to monetary damages!

ARS National Services Inc. aka Associated Recovery Systems

Primary SIC: Adjustment & Collection Services, Primary NAICS: Collection Agencies
Description: Services: Provider of collection services including for the credit card recovery market.

Associated Recovery Systems or ARS National Services, Inc. was founded in April 1992. The Company started with two part-time employees and is now one of the largest collections companies in the country, specializing in credit card recovery.

ARS National Services, Inc. currently operates out of four call centers around the country. Their corporate headquarters, located in Escondido, CA, Phoenix Arizona, Ontario CA and Jacksonville, Florida

You can find consumers complaining about Associated Recovery System’s collection tactics in blogs and forums across the internet. These tactics allegedly include attempting to collect debt from a deceased person, refusal to believe the debt does not belong to you just because they have your number, disrespectful treatment and calls to neighbors and friends, even after requesting no further contact. If you are being harassed by ARS National Services, contact Fair Debt Collection Practice Act AttorneysFair Debt Collection Consumer Attorneys who can help you fight back against ARS National Services and protect your consumer rights!

If ARS National Services (Associated Recovery Systems) does not comply with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act or state debt collection law, you could be entitled to $1000 per violation and they may have to pay your attorney’s fees and potentially, the debt itself.

Class Action Against ARS National Services (Associated Recovery Systems)

A statewide class action has been filed in California against collection specialist, ARS National Services, Inc.(aka Associated Recovery Systems) The action is brought on behalf of all California residents who received a collection letter from Associated Recovery which offered to settle the debt for a lesser amount, if immediate payment was made by the debtor. The action, brought under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, seeks statutory damages as well as injunctive and declaratory relief.

This action arises from the alleged policy of Associated in which they include in their collection letters an offer to settle the outstanding debt for a reduced rate. The settlement offer is, according to the letters, a limited offer, requiring immediate payment. According to consumers, this offer is misleading and deceptive because ARS National Services is allegedly always prepared to negotiate a settlement for a lesser amount. Thus, the language requiring immediate action is allegedly deceptive to consumers because they are given the impression that they need to act immediately in order to have an opportunity to discharge the debt at a reduced rate. The consumers claim that this has a coercive effect, limiting their ability to challenge the validity of the debt and limiting their ability to make an informed decision about the debt. The consumers allege that these letters are standard “form” type letters, mailed to thousands of consumers.

Comments about ARS National Services Inc


By: Amy MacKay
I received one letter from them. I received three calls within six days (MA law says only twice). I called back asking for proof of the debt and was screamed at by two employees, one of which was a supervisor, Ms. Brown. She said she was going to note my account that I was refusing to pay, I never said this I was asking for more information from them. Every time I tried to speak she kept yelling that I was refusing to pay.

By: Cynthia
This company is a scumbag company. They lie, refuse to give the right company name, flat-out refuse to give a mailing address so that you can send a cease and desist letter, refuse to let you speak to a supervisor, repeatedly claim to send a notification of debt (which I have yet to receive), are rude beyond belief and hang up on you. Because of their tactics, I have sent them a cease and desist letter. They can suck it.

Harrassing Calls
By: Carrie
ARS has contacted me about a debt that i have paying on for over a year, and my balance never went down. They said i missed a couple of payments because they couldn't get a hold of me and it was all interest charges. I admit I was at fault and went bad on a $1,000 credit card, but ARS stated i owe over $4,000 for this debt. I have made over $1700 in payments and it is still at $4,000. They have also taken out payments that last 2 months from my account that i did not authorize, when i asked them for proof of authorization (they supposedly record your call), the woman stated she would note my account that i was refusing to pay. I told her i was not refusing to pay, but want proof of the last 2 payments, and she hung up on me. They will call everyday until they get you to agree to something. It is harrassment, plain and simple.

By: Gregg Ward
This guy named Mike ARS. 18662137004 ext3691. Has called my house several times. They have left messages saying they need information about my property. He leaves the same messages constantly. They leave my name and don't even know if this is my phone number? I have ask them not to call, but it doesn't seem to help. What can I do? I am scared!

ARS doubling actual amount
By: William Prier
I seem to have owed someone a sum of $500.00 I have receied numerous letters in the past seeking $931.00 as amount owed. I have been told by ARS that I could be given a reduced rate on this amount only if I acted within a one week period from date of a certain letter. My 83 year old mother has received harrasing calls from ARS in attempts to have me pay this outragious amount. I have stated that I would pay the 500.00 only to be told that wasn't good enough I owed intrest on this action. Frankly I will send them a letter to try and stop this harassment directed to my family. If this doesn't work perhaps a four letter phone call is needed, as this seems to be their method of speaking to others.

By: Joy
My cell phone rang at 9:43 PM, right when I was about to put my daughter to bed. I didn't pick it up because 1. It's at 9:45 P.M 2. It's list as unknown on my caller ID 3. It's our rule at the house that we do not pickup any phone call that's after 9:00 P.M. unless it's family. I was curious, so I listen to the message. The call was stated: This is Lisa calling from ARS National Services and the call was for my husband. He has a long but not that unusual name but what was disturbing was how she said it. She was laughting at the way she said his name (in a way of making fun of it) I can hear from the background noice that her co-working was laughting at it too. This is so unprofessional and insulting to us. We both felt so violated and insulted and at the same time want people to know what kind of employee ARS NATIONAL SERVICE employed. I do keep the recording of the message, that's how bad we felt. Her name is Lisa Phone #888-319-0986 Ex. 1168

We'll Get'em!!!
By: Sean
These womb rejects think they are above the law. Threaten, harass and seriously abuse folks. Ladies and gentlemen, they are from Ontario CA and Escondido, CA. Our neck of the woods.. Government and the law won't take care of them, so we will.. Vigilantes on the move, assured. Track them at their PO box, parking lots and wherever.... Even get em at THEIR homes..In the parking lots - follow and track.. Payback is now ours and the law will finally prevail and these sons and daughters of bitches LITERALLY, would rather go unemployed. Our time, our day!! People, you need to go the distance and DO NOT FEAR them. They are meaningless spit....

Former Employee
By: former employee of ARS...
I am a former Employee of ARS National Sevices... they let me go because I was not able to hit a certain goal my supervisor said this is because I was not mean enough to people... Not all the people there are mean some do want to help people with their debts I was one of those... My supervisor would listen into my calls (call will not be recorded or screened then) and tell me to say and do things that would violate the FDCPA laws I refused and she would yell at me and tell me the call was not screened or recorded and I need to do what she said I told her I was not going to violate any laws when I could be sued I only took the job because I needed it. they do screen and record calls however you can record the calls also but have to tell them you are doing so before... In order for them to tell you why they are calling they have to verify who you are 1 of 3 ways by address, date of birth, and/or last 4 of ssn If you will not verify they can not tell you why they are calling you and if they do that is against the law.. I hope that this info may help some of you in anyway possible

By: David Johnson
About two weeks ago we were contacted by AT&T about a past due bill we owed. We made arraignments to have an automatic withdraw from my Bank account on the 14th of each month until it is paid. A few days later a lady called from National Recovery, and said we needed to pay them also. We informed her that the money was already being taken out By At&t to pay the bill. She said it must be paid to them. Even though we did not agree she was very nice. On the 12th of April another woman called very rude, and threaten. I also became rude. She said she was going to ruin my credit by reporting it to the credit bureau. We like many Americans are having a tough time. I do feel that if we have an agreement before the credit collection calls that that is something that is binding. National and AT&T should work this out. I should not be threatened by some rude person. We have always been nice until today, as I know they are just trying to earn a living. If my Credit is ruined (not that it is that good). I intend to seek relief in the Federal Court. Regards David G Johnson

I don't have a debt in collections but they keep calling me
By: Sally
I have received numerous phone calls from this company. They called my phone number many times last year and I finally got them to quit calling. They told me that I owed them for a Dell Computer. I told them I don't own one and never will own one and they must have the wrong person. Of course they don't listen. I was able to finally, so I thought, get the to STOP calling once they realized my last 4 of my social didn't match the person with my same name. Well about 2 weeks ago I started seeing where they have starting calling again. So today I called them back and spoke to a lady who was extremley rude to me and said I was yelling at her when I wasn't...I'm just fustrated that I keep getting phones calls for a Dell Computer debt that is NOT me! Then all of a sudden some guy name Steve Alan from Phoenix Az. gets on the phone and wants to be rude and keep says his name over and over again and cut me off instead of listening to me....once he wanted me to varify my name and my phone number...he finally realized it was the wrong person and informed me that the data base they get their information from must have given them my information. I told him I better NOT EVER receive another phone call from their company....they are harassing me and my family....very rude and hung up on me!

By: Gracie
I tried to get a settlement with ARS National after paying $531.00. The settlement and payment arrangement they offered me was inappropriate for my budget. I explained to Ms. Adams(rep.) that I would not be able to make the payments of $500.00/month. As soon as I said that I would not be able to make such a huge payment each month, Ms. Adams hung up the phone on me. I was in disbelief. so I called back to speak with her and she transfered me to her Supervisor. I explained to him what was said between myself and Ms. Adams and he basically said that she has the right to behave in an inappropriate and disrespectful manner. Well, thanks a lot ARS National, obviously the recorded phone calls you are using as quality assurance is not working. You should try being more respectful to clients and maybe they would try to make payments.

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